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                About O2Micro O2Micro (NASDAQ: OIIM; SEHK: 0457), develops and markets innovative power management, and security components and systems for the Computer, Consumer, Industrial, and Communications markets. Since its founding in April 1995, O2Micro has quickly established itself as a leading supplier of specialized devices designed to extend battery operating time, heighten efficiency, and enable secure e-commerce and network security. O2Micro’s SifoWorks? series product are flexible and versatile secure gateway systems with the ability to function at wire speed. Not only do they provide the best packet handling ability in the industry, SifoWorks also provide a wide range of high performance security features such as Firewall, IPSec VPN, and flexible deep content detection and filtering. Succendo? series products SSL VPN from O2Micro provide an enterprise solution that is easy to deploy, yet delivers secure and versatile remote access services. Designed for mobile and SOHO (Small Office and Home Office) users. O2Micro maintains an extensive portfolio of intellectual property, and has numerous trademark Applications and Copyright Registrations. The company maintains offices worldwide including Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Korea and the United States. For More information about O2Micro, pls visit www.o2security.com and www.o2micro.com Our Vision Be the Leading Supplier of Mixed Signal ICs for Power management and Security Components and Systems, for the Computer, Consumer, Industrial (including automotive) and Communications markets. Competitive Advantage Power management and security components and systems for the Computer, Consumer, Industrial (including automotive), and Communications markets Innovative design methodology which significantly reduces the design cycle and design time Strong on site support, continuous engineering effort and investment to cost down Patent strength Customer first & best with best Welcome to join us! To apply, please submit CV quoting "Position" with a covering letter to the specific email address. Thank you for your interests in O2Micro International Ltd. For More information about O2Micro, pls visit www.o2security.com and www.o2micro.com
                • 联 系 人:李力川
                • 联系电话: 028-85146308-8102
                • 传  真:
                • E--MAIL:
                • 企业网址:www.o2micro.com
                • 企业地址:
                世纪电源Ψ网——招聘 求职 更容易 天津热线:022-27686177 022-27690960
                广东热线:0755-28285637 82436996/6096/9396 上海热线:021-24200688 手机:13585599008